The Sorcerer's Apprentice

I had the pleasure to work on a submission package for Ubisoft Toronto. The brief described an old Victorian Operating Theater in the Miskatonic medical building that had been reclaimed by Dr. Comb and filled with strange specimen jars and an Orrery at the center. The strange base of operations is discovered by his new intern Obed Marsh.

Thanks to the team at Ubisoft for the great brief! Really enjoyed exploring ideas for this world.

Have to offer a huge thanks to my mentor Jonny Hall for really pushing me and Prabesh Aryal for the late night discord feedback.

Connor fischer nxt connorfischer
Connor fischer orrery detailing

Orrery detail

Connor fischer next concept connorfischer alternate

Alternate view

Connor fischer design01
Connor fischer design02
Connor fischer design03
Connor fischer design04
Connor fischer design05
Connor fischer design06